Naturally Newport….Kelsey 5.24.14

July 16th, 2014

Very rarely, we are speechless. Kelsey’s email filled with these images from Julia Robbs from Our Labor of Love Photography left us in awe.

She was so stunning without a pin in place or a brushstroke of make-up, so the wedding team just had some enhancing to do. New Leaf packed up and traveled on location to the Grace Vanderbilt Inn in Newport, Rhode Island to beautify Kelsey and her ladies. These photos speak for themselves about the beauty of Kelsey, her family and friends, Julia Robb’s  amazing eye behind her lens and the Grace Vanderbilt Inn.

Getting ready….

Hair and make-up by Amanda

Just watching…


 Oh that smile…



 Check out that incredible shine…much thanks to the amazing Kerastase Laque Couture Micro-Mist Finishing Hairspray (a favorite among the New Leaf Wedding Team and admitted hairspray snobs).



 Beauty surrounds.



A special toast…



Kelsey’s classic chignon…



The lighting. The flawless make-up. The hair. The perfect profile. Watch out, Pinterest!



We love how you can literally FEEL how much they love Kelsey in this image. We also love the styles they chose for their hair and how they all wanted to look fresh and natural…our kind of party!


So, yes, let’s dish about this dress. The silhouette. The soft detail at the bottom. And, um, Kelsey WEARING it. It’s all incredible…all perfection.

Another perfect thing? The beachy waves peeking out on the left. We love you, Kelsey, for sending us this image. You knew we would appreciate it;-)



Navy is a big color for 2014 so far, and we are swooning over this color combination. The pashminas are so sweet and pretty, just like this gathering of ladies.



 And finally, Kelsey and her lucky groom. With a kind-hearted woman as lovely as his bride, how could he NOT feel like the luckiest man alive that special day?


A huge thank you to Kelsey for not only choosing New Leaf to be part of a very special day, but also for being truly wonderful to work with. A genuine thank you to Kristin Love at Details with Love for introducing us, and to Julia Robb for all these breathtaking images.


As always, stay tuned for more!

Wedding Weekend Extravanganza…May 2014

May 29th, 2014

We love Memorial Day for so many reasons. We took some time to honor our incredible men and women who have served and who do serve this great nation. We “kicked off” summer (despite the undecided meteorologists and wacky weather patterns). We broke out the white jeans (okay, maybe we wore them already but isn’t that fashion rule passe anyways?). Oh, and we had a stellar wedding party weekend at New Leaf. We mean P-A-R-T-Y.

New Leaf’s Wedding Wagon sprayed, pinned, painted, styled and laughed with ladies all over Newport and back to Bristol. We looked out our “office windows” at Castle Hill, the Grace Vanderbilt Inn, Newport Hyatt and the lovely Bridal Lounge in Bristol.  We had a blast and certainly relaxed on Monday.

Here is a sampling of some of the gorgeous-ness that took place last weekend. Enjoy!md1

Here is that “office window” and the adorable bride, Ryan and her sweet family.


The pinning of the veil….


Hair is serious business.


The stunning Kelsey…


The braid is still here to stay for 2014!


Elizabeth’s hair and make-up is fit for a princess.


Some wedding party props.



(Excuse the smartphone nature of these images…we’re hairstylists, not photographers, remember;-)?

We can’t wait to share more this season….

Well Wed Magazine Feature!

May 8th, 2014

Does this adorable duo look familiar? We had featured Ashley and Scott on our blog last year, and it seems we weren’t the only ones to love Corinna Raznikov Photography‘s stunning images of their day….WellWed Magazine’s Vermont Vows did too!

(Yes, Castle Hill is not located in Vermont, but in Newport, Rhode Island. A little confusing, we know;-)



To check out the full feature and all the to-die-for images, click here:



Sweet in Salem…Katie & Sean 11.2.14

April 8th, 2014

Sometimes your personal and professional lives collide and it can be a good thing.  Most hairstylists and make-up artists have the same story…we were constantly doing hair and/or make-up as we were growing up. It didn’t matter what or who the subject was–barbies, friends, prom goers or good ol’ grandma. If we could practice, we were doing it. Thank goodness for these brave souls because, quite honestly, we had no clue what we were doing.


Our personal and professional lives sure did collide when we traveled to Salem, New Hampshire for this very special wedding, and it was a really, really good thing. Katie was my childhood best friend and true brave soul who constantly let me cut, color and style her hair. At twelve, I can vividly remember hiding Katie’s freshly cut beautiful blonde hair under the screened porch so her mother wouldn’t find out.  Sure, her mother wouldn’t notice the HAIRCUT I had just given, so hide the evidence. Genius.

{We still got into trouble.}

Katie is as sweet as they come. You will never, ever meet a person that has a bad word about her. She’s beautiful, hilarious, empathetic, energetic, and easy going. You can’t begin to describe the ball of love that is Katie, but we are all thankful  Sean found her.

There was no scolding on that perfect November day at the Atkinson Country Club. Katie was surrounded by her mom and sweet n’ sassy sisters that early morning. It truly was like old times, and I felt completely honored to be with this genuine family and a part of this very special day.


Katie’s day was captured by friend and photographer Brandin Tumenski and while we are all eagerly awaiting spring, these gorgeous images make us (slightly) wistful for fall.








Products used this day? Bumble & bumble’s Classic hairspray, Styling Creme and Brilliantine.

Lucky (or unlucky if you asked her around 11 pm) for Katie she had her stylist chasing her around all night making sure every hair stayed in place:)



Congrats and much love to Sean and Katie, thanks for letting us be a part of that amazing day…

and in the spirit of the Irish–Slainte!

Belle Mer Beuaty…Robyn & Peter 3.1.14

March 20th, 2014

We had the lovely pleasure of working with the gorgeous, easy going  and gracious Robyn in March. Brides just do not get any sweeter than her. The cherry on top of this stellar bride and bridal party? Um, her dress. It was grey and it was amazing. Then…we saw her bridal party’s dresses. Then, we really fell in love. Talk about style, it is just bubbling over in this Belle Mer wedding. We swooned all over Snap! Photography’s images of Robyn and Peter’s perfect day, and now you must too.

Snap!’s sneak peek…


You simply MUST check out Snap’s blog post to see all these incredible details. Robyn surrounded herself by a vendor dream team of sorts and it shows!