Festive on the Fourth…Meagan & Curtis 7.3.14

October 14th, 2014

If you’ve spent any time at all in Bristol, you KNOW what a big deal the Fourth of July is around here.

If you don’t know, here are a few indicators….Bristol hosts the oldest 4th of July parade in the country. It’s televised….nationally. The lane lines are painted red, white and blue. The salutation of “Happy Fourth of July” flows from your lips as easily as “Happy Holidays” in December. Ladies plan their red, white and blue 4th outfits for weeks (sometimes months) in advance. True ‘Bristoleans’ claim the summer is over on July 5th. (Sad truth that us non-Bristoleans have come to realize is kind of reality.)

There are Little Miss and Miss Fourth of July pageants. There are incredible concerts every night for weeks preceding. There is a fancy ball. The official celebration begins on July 3rd with some spectacular fireworks and over indulging at the restaurants/bars downtown followed by the famous parade on the 4th. It happens in driving rain and over abundant sunshine (read: HEAT).

Imagine our glee when Meagan, a loyal New Leaf-er and Bristol resident, booked us with her wedding date…July 3rd! This is the equivalent to having your wedding on New Year’s Eve in this neck of the woods. It was sure to be a epic celebration!

So without further adieu, here is Erin McGinn Boutique Photography‘s incredible glimpse into Meagan and Curtis’ day at the stunning Glen Manor House in Portsmouth.

But first…let me take a selfie.




So this dress is swoon worthy on it’s hanger, right? How could it get any more gorgeous? Hold on…


Oh, right. With Meagan WEARING it.

Glen Manor House, we just love you and all your amazing architecture, windows and doors and LIGHT.

A moment with mom. Can you see the strong (i.e. fantastic) gene pool at work here?


We sure can.

We adore moms at New Leaf. We have a special place in our hearts for mothers of the brides (and grooms) for so many reasons. Sometimes, she can feel more nervous than the bride herself. Often, good ol’ mom has been planning, organizing and stressing right alongside her daughter or son during the months leading up to the wedding. She usually has her regular hairstylist who she has been faithful to for years, and now her daughter is asking her to sit in another chair (gasp!) for the biggest and most photographed day in her life. Mom is usually worried that her hair and/or make-up will not look natural and that it will be too much.

We promise to listen. And really, really hear what the moms want.
Sometimes mom might want to look exactly like she does on a Tuesday afternoon at the grocery store. Sometimes mom wants false lashes longer than a Jersey Shore Housewife (typically, no, but we’ve heard it). Sometimes the bride wants her mom to update her look, for Pete’s sake.

Whatever she wants, we promise to make her to feel comfortable in our New Leaf hands.

The classic staircase shot at Glen Manor…


Meagan and Curtis…


So much to love about this shot, but our favorite things are the dutiful maid of honor holding Meagan’s veil tight  and the groomsman sipping his drink while holding the bride’s flowers.


If you do not know about Bristol’s Fourth of July hoopla, you must learn about Rhode Island’s obsession with Del’s Lemonade. At first glance, it seems like just a lemon slush but we promise that if you take one sip, you will be hooked like the rest of New England. We love it’s green and yellow stripes, it’s teeny bits of lemon and that is means summer has arrived.


What a great looking group! Loving the soft pink and mint palette and how natural everyone looks…just right for the coastal venue.


So in love and just so darn happy. Erin McGinn, you caught it!


If you follow this blog at all, you might have noticed we heart headbands. Sparkly ones, flower crowns, lace ones, braided ones and more. We talk about them, tell you all how wonderful they are, how they are a big deal right now, blah, blah, blah…Meagan’s headband is our #1 favorite.
It’s detail fits perfectly with her soft, flowy dress and it gives her bridal look this easy, bohemian feel. It doesn’t overpower her textured chignon, and somehow complements her simple veil just right.

This shot shows nothing of hair or make-up, but it does say everything about how much we love this couple’s patriotic spirit and this huge holiday. Now just 262 more days until July 4th, 2015!


Congratulations to Meagan and Curtis, thank you so much for choosing New Leaf to be part of your special day. Thank you AGAIN for sharing these amazing images from Erin McGinn Boutique Photography.

As always, stay tuned for much, much more…

Blushing at Blithewold….Jessica & Matthew 6.21.14

September 30th, 2014

Dreamy. That is the only way to describe Jessica and Matthew’s stunning wedding at Blithewold Mansion in June.  We must admit, we saw the best weather this summer. It seemed like every weekend was more gorgeous than the last, and Jessica’s day certainly was perfection.

You know what else was perfection? Jessica.

Our jaws dropped when we saw Rebecca Arthurs Photography’s sneak peek and later her blog post.


Seriously? So Jessica is this kind, genuine, organized, gorgeous, blonde, porcelain-skinned beauty. Could any man possibly be worthy of a vision such as Jessica?

Um, apparently, yes….Exhibit A.


Natural and flawless. If we are being honest here, Jessica wasn’t too much of a “transformation”….her beauty was simply enhanced. Hey, our make-up skills can give a bride her glow but we can’t take credit for this radiant smile.


The New Leaf team traveled to Villa 120 in Middletown to beautify (okay, fine, enhance) these fabulous friends.

So much laughter. So much love for this special bride….



So, we work pretty hard to make sure that our brides are in love with their hair, that every fly away is under control, and that every angle is flattering. We honestly don’t mind at all when brides wear veils that cover the ‘do because, well, we love veils! As we say, you only get to wear one (hopefully) once.

But the coastal breeze caught Jessica’s veil just right, showing off her classic chignon and we have Rebecca Arthurs to thank for capturing this perfect moment.


Blithewold just cannot disappoint. Every space of this property is glorious.





We often ask our brides what their color palette is for the wedding. While we do just love dishing about the big day, there is another reason. See how Jessica’s soft pink lip and cheeks blend seamlessly with her blush pink flowers? It just works here. Your flowers and wedding tones certainly do not dictate color choices for our make-up artists, but it is something to consider. When it all works together, it creates a feeling.


This should be the stock photo for every wedding frame.


It’s safe to say that the majority of our brides take off their veils at some point. We are often asked when it should be done. Sometimes brides just want to wear the veil for the ceremony, and then take it out immediately following for all the formal photos. (Sometimes 40 mph winds whipping a veil on the coast of Rhode Island can be a bit distracting while feeling/looking romantic.) And, sometimes brides wear the veil for the whole darn day because….well, they can! While there is no “right” time, we’d say it is most common to go ‘sans veil’ before the first dance.

A perfect reason why is this..


P.S. When we finally get to see your professional images (which we can and do stalk you for), we always scope out this moment. For one, it’s fun to see. And two, since we are letting all the cats out of the bag in this post, we really want to make sure your hair and make-up is still perfect.

Because your hair and make-up has to withstand heat, humidity, hours of photography, smooching your new husband, beachy breezes (hurricane force wind at times), hundreds of hugs, kisses from Aunt Clara and this….

imageDANCING…lots and lots of dancing.

Big thanks to Jessica and her friends and family for choosing New Leaf to be a part of this incredible day. You were all a joy! Much thanks to Rebecca Arthurs once again for leaving us in awe.

To check out Rebecca Arthurs full blog post, click the link:


As always, stay tuned for MUCH more…

Beautiful at Blithewold…Sara 5.3.14

August 27th, 2014

We knew the minute we met Sara and her mom, Donna, that we were going to love them. Sweet, stylish and stunning would best describe this mother/daughter duo. They were both so easy to work with and SO much fun the day of the wedding…not even a gentle flutter of nervousness from them!

Donna took the time to immediately send this sweet note:

“I just wanted to say thank you very much for the wonderful time we had on Saturday, 5/3/14 at the salon. It was truly amazing and I can’t believe how beautiful the place is. I really enjoyed watching all the girls and myself getting makeup and hair done! It was great. I live close enough to start going there regularly, which I think I will be doing. We had a great time and the girls really enjoyed themselves, as well as myself!
Thanks again,

Now imagine our glee when we opened an email a few months later from Sara to find it chock full of colorful images from local photographer Sabrina Scolari.

The ladies had some fun in the Bridal Lounge before heading off to Blithewold Mansion for the wedding…


Love these beautiful blue robes.

Brides…this is a great idea. It’s important to wear something that is easy to slip off after hair and make-up. After all the time primping, you don’t want to ruin a pretty do’ or fabulous face with a shirt collar!

A simple rope detail for Sara’s half up style….


The lovely mother, Donna…Sara and her mom share that genuine, gorgeous smile!


A quiet moment in the Bridal Lounge….



Heading over to Blithewold…


The whole gang!


The gorgeous bridal party…




Much thanks to Sara and her mom for choosing New Leaf. We are so thankful to have gained a loyal New Leaf client, and this wedding is just one of the many reminders of why we love this business!

As always, stay tuned for more…

Naturally Newport….Kelsey 5.24.14

July 16th, 2014

Very rarely, we are speechless. Kelsey’s email filled with these images from Julia Robbs from Our Labor of Love Photography left us in awe.

She was so stunning without a pin in place or a brushstroke of make-up, so the wedding team just had some enhancing to do. New Leaf packed up and traveled on location to the Grace Vanderbilt Inn in Newport, Rhode Island to beautify Kelsey and her ladies. These photos speak for themselves about the beauty of Kelsey, her family and friends, Julia Robb’s  amazing eye behind her lens and the Grace Vanderbilt Inn.

Getting ready….

Hair and make-up by Amanda

Just watching…


 Oh that smile…



 Check out that incredible shine…much thanks to the amazing Kerastase Laque Couture Micro-Mist Finishing Hairspray (a favorite among the New Leaf Wedding Team and admitted hairspray snobs).



 Beauty surrounds.



A special toast…



Kelsey’s classic chignon…



The lighting. The flawless make-up. The hair. The perfect profile. Watch out, Pinterest!



We love how you can literally FEEL how much they love Kelsey in this image. We also love the styles they chose for their hair and how they all wanted to look fresh and natural…our kind of party!


So, yes, let’s dish about this dress. The silhouette. The soft detail at the bottom. And, um, Kelsey WEARING it. It’s all incredible…all perfection.

Another perfect thing? The beachy waves peeking out on the left. We love you, Kelsey, for sending us this image. You knew we would appreciate it;-)



Navy is a big color for 2014 so far, and we are swooning over this color combination. The pashminas are so sweet and pretty, just like this gathering of ladies.



 And finally, Kelsey and her lucky groom. With a kind-hearted woman as lovely as his bride, how could he NOT feel like the luckiest man alive that special day?


A huge thank you to Kelsey for not only choosing New Leaf to be part of a very special day, but also for being truly wonderful to work with. A genuine thank you to Kristin Love at Details with Love for introducing us, and to Julia Robb for all these breathtaking images.


As always, stay tuned for more!

Wedding Weekend Extravanganza…May 2014

May 29th, 2014

We love Memorial Day for so many reasons. We took some time to honor our incredible men and women who have served and who do serve this great nation. We “kicked off” summer (despite the undecided meteorologists and wacky weather patterns). We broke out the white jeans (okay, maybe we wore them already but isn’t that fashion rule passe anyways?). Oh, and we had a stellar wedding party weekend at New Leaf. We mean P-A-R-T-Y.

New Leaf’s Wedding Wagon sprayed, pinned, painted, styled and laughed with ladies all over Newport and back to Bristol. We looked out our “office windows” at Castle Hill, the Grace Vanderbilt Inn, Newport Hyatt and the lovely Bridal Lounge in Bristol.  We had a blast and certainly relaxed on Monday.

Here is a sampling of some of the gorgeous-ness that took place last weekend. Enjoy!md1

Here is that “office window” and the adorable bride, Ryan and her sweet family.


The pinning of the veil….


Hair is serious business.


The stunning Kelsey…


The braid is still here to stay for 2014!


Elizabeth’s hair and make-up is fit for a princess.


Some wedding party props.



(Excuse the smartphone nature of these images…we’re hairstylists, not photographers, remember;-)?

We can’t wait to share more this season….