Welcome Natalie!!!

October 22nd, 2014

NatalieIn case you haven’t met her yet, we’re happy to formally welcome Natalie to our New Leaf family.  With eight years experience in nails, esthetics, and eye lash extensions, she is a FANTABULOUS addition to our team. Besides her great skill, perfect touch, and easy nature, we all agree she is very funny (a prerequisite for working here).

New Leafers are always curious to know who the ‘new girl’ is, so our make-up artist, Courtney, sat down with her to dig a little deeper.

Courtney:  So Natalie,  I know that you grew up in Bristol, what’s your favorite thing about it?
Oh, definitely the 4th of July parade and all the festivities leading up to it.  Hands down it is my favorite holiday.

Spoken like a true Bristolian!  So describe to me to me what your perfect day off would be?
Spending time with my family,  relaxing,  and enjoying a good meal.

Rumor has it that you really like Chinese food.
Yes, I do, I am a ‘regular’ at Luke’s Inn.  You might even see my picture hanging on the wall.

That’s hysterical! Now onto an obvious question but something everyone wants to know the answer…what inspires you?
I would have to say making people happy, whether it’s giving them an hour of relaxation or jut doing a small act of kindness.   It really gives me a sense of fulfillment, which inspires me to do more.

As an esthetician,  what is the biggest mistake that you see when it comes to skin
Thinking that you can pick up any product and use it on your skin. It really is best to see a professional who can guide you in the right direction. If you’re not using the right products it can cause more harm than good.

So I’ve learned that you’re a clean freak (she’s already won Amy’s heart).  What could we find you jamming out to while you’re house cleaning?
Mariah Carey or Christina Aguilera, I love some good pop music.

Okay, you’re stranded on a deserted island, what 3 beauty products do you bring?
Concealer, eye lash curler, and mascara.  Of course.

Natalie is taking appointments Tuesday-Saturday.  Please visit our face & body page to see all the little luxuries, necessities, and indulgences we offer.  We look forward to your ‘hideaway’ visit with Natalie.

Welcome Libby Freeborn, Studio Stylist to New Leaf

October 3rd, 2013

If you’ve been inside the studio over the last month, you’ve probably already seen our newest studio stylist, Libby.  Clients are always asking me about the ‘new’ person.  ’Where is she from?’, ‘What does she do?’,  ’Where does she live?’.  I could fill you in on her resume…she’s been a stylist for 3 years, VERY educated, LOVES Oribe and Kerastase, fabulous with ombre color, and is a super nice, easy to talk to, very stylish, fun, beautiful person.  But, everyone usually wants me to dig even deeper.  So, I decided to sit down with her to find out some fun facts that will help you feel like you’ve known her for years.  Meet Libby Freeborn.


 Libby, where are you from and what brought you to little Rhody?
I am from Denver, Colorado.  I moved to RI for a change as well as my boyfriend is going to graduate school at RISD.

Since being in RI, what have you done for fun?
We have explored a lot of the amazing things that New England has to offer.  We went to Boston, Newport, and also spent the end of summer soaking up as much beach time as possible!

You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to…what’s on your iPhone?
The most played songs have got to be Tegan & Sara, The Civil Wars, Kings of Leon, and Rihanna.

What’s your favorite piece in your wardrobe right now?
I recently got a beautiful pair of red cowboy boots from my Aunt.  She got them in the ’90′s at a thrift shop and after years of me loving and wanting them, she finally gave them to me!

What is the last book you read?
I actually just finished To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.  I remember reading it in high school and really enjoying it, so I wanted to read it again this summer.

Who’s your most inspiring hair artist ever?
Definitely Oribe.

Okay, you’re on a desert island, what one hair product do you wish to have?
Being on a desert island, I’d probably never have truly clean hair again, so definitely Oribe Dry.

Why should a New Leaf guest sit in your chair?
I offer a great experience…from a thorough consultation to a beautiful personalized style & everything in between!   I love to stay current on hair trends and then being able to translate them to my client’s hair.

Thanks Libby.  Welcome to New Leaf, we’re so happy you’re here!

Back to School Cut-a-Thon

August 21st, 2012

Being in this industry, you hear lots of stories.  Most happy, some crazy, a lot more than you want to know, and sometimes so tragic you don’t want to believe it.  That is what happened when we heard about a woman named Natalie.  She is a wife and mom of 6, yes, 6 children ranging from 3 to 13.  After over a year of ailments, she was recently diagnosed with ALS.  We don’t personally know Natalie but living in a small community like Bristol, you know someone who does.

So, to show our support for her and her beautiful family, we decided to raise some money while getting kids ready for back-to-school.  On August 19th, stylists were armed with spray bottles, booster seats, and lollipops.  Let the cut-a-thon begin!

We had 7 stylists in action!


Thank you to our sweeper for the day, Isaiah. We could really use him every Saturday!

A little bribing is always okay for the price of beauty.

Yes, even boys against their will got haircuts. All for a good cause.

Our great stylists with BIG hearts!

So, 4 hours and over 60 haircuts later, we raised over $1400 for Natalie and her family.  A huge thank you!!!  If you would like to learn more or make a donation, visit http://aswiftcause.com.

New Leaf’s Class of 2012

March 26th, 2012

We all want to make sure our hair is in good hands; lets be honest, we want the best.  New Leaf has recently revamped its education to an intensive 6 month training program with our top Senior Stylists in Precision Cutting, Color Technique, Bridal Design and Blow Drying – sending our newest stylists onto the floor with a skip in their step and a stellar skill set you’ll be delighted to try out.

Soooo, if you’re ever in the mood for something fresh (and complimentary ), our girls are always looking for models to spruce up while refining their talents. Who can resist such an enticing offer?!  For all of you New Leaf groupies out there – there is one in all of us – be sure to check back as we’ll be posting the new class schedule for May and showcasing pictures of everyone’s fabulous work and progress.

Without further adieu, we’d like to introduce our newest graduates in a fun little interview.

Drum roll Pleeeeease…


Q ~ As fun, interactive and ever changing our industry might be, is there something else you could picture yourself doing?

A ~ I would love to be a professional organizer, someone who goes into individuals’ homes and businesses to help them with clutter control and home or office organization. As long as I can remember I’ve enjoyed organizing and de-cluttering spaces. I’ve always been a ‘neat freak’, so why not consider making a living utilizing those skills?!


Q ~ So… We’ve heard through the grapevine that you’re an amazing calligrapher, any other hidden talents up your sleeve?

A ~ Currently, I’m trying my hand at custom book binding. I’ve created a few things for the new moms here at the salon, mostly memory keeping books where they can write notes or add pictures of their new bundles of joy. I also recently started making my own recycled paper out of scrap paper.  By blending the scraps with water and draining the pulp through a custom made screen, I’ve been able to create my own beautiful pieces of paper. I even add fresh flowers or spices to the pulp to make each piece unique. If you want to check out my calligraphy work, visit  www.calligragirl.etsy.com.  

Q ~ What are the must have products you would recommend coming out of the dry winter season (if you could call this winter…)?

A ~ We all know that during the winter months, the harsh conditions make it tough to keep our hair moisturized and avoid those nasty split ends. Aside from getting regular trims, I recommend coming in for one of our Kerastase conditioning treatments. We custom mix each treatment to suit each client’s hair needs. Next, I love working with Kerastase’s Nectar Thermique through towel dried hair to help protect dry ends from the heat of the blow dryer. Finally, for my favorite finishing product, I’d suggest Bumble & Bumble’s Brilliantine on dry hair for ultimate shine and definition.


Nicole V.

Q ~ Having grown up here in Bristol, you seem to know everyone you come across. Ever think of running for Mayor? 

A ~ So, wait… I’m not the Mayor?! *wink wink*


Q ~ Which celebrity’s hair are you dying to get your hands on? What products would you send them home with?

A ~ This is a tough one… I’d have to say the Kardashians. They are glamorous, with gorgeous hair and each with a different hair personality.

For instance, Kim loves that sleek and full body blowout. With a little of Oribe’s Royal Blowout for a polished shine and Volumista for extra bounce you achieve the perfect va va-voom that has made Kim’s style so signature. For Kourtney, she’s always up for something new and fun – especially braids. Bumble & Bumble’s sumo tech is my fave to give a little hold and liveliness to the style. And last but not least there is Kloe. She’s fearless with color and here at New Leaf we have an abundance of amazing products to help in the preservation of every shade, my first choice being Oribe’s Beautiful Color shampoo and conditioner.


Q ~ If you were a super hero, what would your claim to fame be?

A ~  Ha ha… “The Batman of Blowouts”



Celebrating a DECADE of New Leaf!

July 5th, 2011


Last week, New Leaf Hair Studio celebrated it’s tenth, yes, TENTH anniversary! In June 2001, New Leaf opened it’s doors on Willett Avenue in Riverside, Rhode Island and we are all lucky enough now to work in such a fantastic, beautiful space here on the waterfront in Bristol. A big congratulations goes out to Amy… (since she’s not controlling the keyboard right now, we can sing her praises:)! A wild ride it’s been, one that would not have been possible without fearless leadership of a savvy business woman, the help of her amazing family (happy 10th anniversary shout out to her mom, Jennifer, too!), the most loyal clients, a.k.a New Leaf-ers, and her hardworking and supportive staff.


Amy decided to celebrate with the New Leaf family… The day started off gray and rainy and because the sun always shines here in Bristol, the clouds cleared and we welcomed the sunshine at Agave Restaurant. We felt like we were hanging out at a waterside cafe in Cannes the afternoon was so stellar…perfection!


Here is the woman of honor, Amy Silva, looking so happy and simply stunning;-)

Pam, Danielle Robin, Courtney, Amanda, Jamie, Julie, Danielle Crugnale and Nicole Crugnale

(you aren’t seeing double, Danielle and Nicole are identical twins:)


Courtney and Amy

Stacy sipping her martini after she exited her yacht…kidding, but see what we mean about feeling quite glam at our locale?!


Michelle and her hubby Shaun…and a tasty margarita!


Danielle Crugnale and Yadira of Skincare by Yadira

Our silly Stephanie…trying to get a serious picture of her is rough but always hysterical when looking through the camera later…


Nicole Valenzuela and her adorable bf

Michelle and Danielle Crugnale


See what we mean about Steph’s expressions? Always one in every crowd;-)


Jamie and Julie


Stacy and Nicole Cabral

Amanda, Jamie, Nicole Crugnale and Julie

Danielle and Courtney

Amy’s adorable boys, Kaden and Max, came out to celebrate too…really, how cute??


This is what they REALLY came for…CAKE! Courtesy of Vienna Bakery


This is our favorite photo….Max eyeing the cake while a gleaming knife tempts his sugary senses (the knife was plastic, FYI). An emotion caught perfectly, we’d say.

Disclaimer: No children were injured in the cutting of this cake:)

Okay, so if you know Amy, you know she H-A-T-E-S being the center of attention and has been known to shed a tear or two when things get sentimental. That being said, we put together a little, okay, long poem called “Ode to New Leaf” that we thought was funny.

We got through the reading of it with a few tissues and scolding from Amy for making her cry…sorry about that;-)

For those who couldn’t make it….

Ode to New Leaf

There once was a little girl who loved to play ‘store’,
she stocked her room full of retail, receipts and much more.

Her mom wondered how this game could be played for such long hours,
but her daughter didn’t  dream of living in a castle with a prince but inside of Trump Towers.

This little girl would line the shelves with inventory just right,
trying to sell off her headless barbies to her big sister Kim with all of her might.

Little did her mom know that she had an entrepreneur in the making,
and her shy, sweet Amy would one day have East Bay’s beauty business for the taking!

Fast forward 20 years to when Amy met Liz,
a friendship bloomed and decided it was time to open their ‘biz.

Ten years ago, as they turned a new leaf,
completely unaware a tiny salon was about to cause such grief!

Riverside was the first salon or the ‘original’ place,
where robberies, short-lived employees, and wardrobe wars threatened to take over the space.

Then came the kids, oh such a joy
life became much more interesting with a bouncing baby boy.

To shorten the drive, New Leaf Bristol was born,
Riverside became Barrington so clients never felt torn.

The Hide-a-way was quite hidden and little Thames street liked to flood,
even with a freezing cold water ‘heater’ New Leaf continued to bud.

With a single phone call, opportunity came a-knocking,
a space on State Street was available, boy that was shocking!

Amy jumped on the chance, as she always does,
because she never wants to regret or think back on what was.

Mario went to work, Amy picked up her paint brush,
New Leaf doubled in size and trust us, in quite a rush!

So exciting it was, the salon all fresh and new,
new staff was hired… some quickly walked on through!

Because one thing about Amy is that she is ever forgiving,
people left and came back to her famous laugh and some teasing.

The salon is always changing, the pace can be fast,
sometimes we leave for the weekend and come back aghast.

The beauty bar, the bridal lounge, and therapy boutique,
all Amy’s brainchild, all very cool and unique.

Clients always say, “my gosh, it’s always different in here…”
we laugh and smile as mario hangs his head and sheds another tear.

Some wonder how Amy does it, and we aren’t exactly sure,
but she never settles for average and always strives for much more.

She might be last minute, and may plan big events in a rush,
but walk in with snow cones and a popcorn machine and all the clients gush.

Bigger is always better, less is never more,
because NOT being seen in gold lame costumes for a spelling bee would be such a bore!

That’s what makes New Leaf special, really it is true,
Amy’s love of her team and need for everything to be new.

Our staff is like family, sometimes we smile and then pout,
but at the end of the day there isn’t a doubt.

We all love what we do, we love to create,
as long as we’re not hungry, hungover, or running a bit late.

So thank you Amy for being everything you are,
the boss, the mom, and the business extraordinaire.

No matter where or when people might roam,
we are all so proud to call New Leaf OUR HOME.


Amy opening her card (which she chose to read at home since we had just about all the emotion we could handle for one day)!

“Celebrating a decade of New Leaf 2001-2011″


Amy and her husband (and our favorite Mr. Fix-It) Mario. Do you recognize him? You probably have seen him at the salon…hammering something, painting a wall, replacing a bulb, etc., etc. He’s part of the New Leaf staff, or at least we’d like to think so:)


The group shot…apparently, taking a photo where everyone is looking at ONE, specifically OUR camera proved to be tougher than taking a family Christmas card photo for a family of five. Seriously.

Take 1: two people are hiding…


Take 2: Mary escaped…


And Take 3: Aaaaaaand…..no one is looking at the camera and Jamie is hiding again, but you get the idea….

Thanks again to Nicole Crugnale for snapping all the pictures…without her, we’d have 2 pictures, one of which would most likely be of our feet. Ha!


Also, a big, huge, GINORMOUS thank you to our faithful New Leaf-ers….our clients.

Cliche? Maybe, but without you, this salon would not be what it is today. Some of you have been with Amy and the salon for all ten years so happy anniversary to you as well! We always say we have the best clientele…Your loyalty, your happiness, your need to look and feel great make driving into work each day a joy. Oh, and you keep us all employed, which a nice, added bonus;-) Few people can say they love their jobs and ask any one of us, and the answer is the same…yes, we DO!


We’ve said it before but it deserves to be said again, a HUGE thanks to Amy for creating the New Leaf ‘family’…we love you xo