style kaelyn pretty…12.3.11

February 20th, 2012

You know when you meet someone and you say to yourself, “Hmph, she doesn’t look like a (insert name here).” That was certainly not the case with our lovely bride, Kaelyn. With a name that pretty, it just fit perfectly. Our angel faced bride’s name means ‘pure’, it’s almost as if her prophetic parents  knew Kaelyn would be sweet, gorgeous and kind.

Kaelyn’s fan club extends beyond New Leaf. We, apparently, are not the only ones smitten with her. Judging by the photos, her groom most certainly is. The Snap! Photography ladies were too….click on Exhibit A, B and C.


If you are a bride, you might know of a *little* website called…ever hear of it? Yes, we thought so. In case you have been hiding under a rock somewhere,  it’s a wedding inspiration website that is the holy grail of bridal beauty….the ‘Harvard’ of  wedding blogs if you will. Well, Kaelyn’s stunning winter  Belle Mer wedding  was featured on Style Me Pretty (click here). Told you we weren’t the only ones in Kaelyn’s fan club…


Ashley and Jenn ventured out to Newport this mild December day to prep the ladies at The Pearls in Newport. Traveling for a wedding off-season is always a special treat (read: no traffic reaching your Newport destination…sweet.)!

Getting into the dress.

Here are all the girls…we are obsessed with grey lately. We think grey is the new black. Grey and yellow, grey and orange, grey and turquoise. Love them all…there has been a great debate among New Leaf staff on the accurate spelling of grey. Spell check doesn’t correct either one. Debate settled. I prefer grey with an ‘e’. Tomato, to-mah-to.

Another group shot…

Now we are just showing off the hair…


The ceremony.


Loving the hair. Loving the smile.

Loving the drop earrings and fur stole.

(the amazing photography in this shot is also what every bride dreams of…)

hair by ashley

Coy, innocent, beautiful. Yep, Kaelyn’s the total package.

Every reason to be smitten.


Working the dance floor.


Just what every bride wants…for not a hair to be out of place by the end of the night. Okay, fine,  AND perfect lighting, scrumptious desserts, and a goodnight kiss from an adorable husband.


Thanks to Kaelyn for choosing New Leaf, Snap! Photography for the amazing images, and Style Me Pretty for featuring one of our favorite brides:-)

YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST CHECK OUT THE FEATURE ON STYLE ME PRETTY…so many beautiful images and details, you do NOT want to miss it!!