Rhode Island Monthly's Best of RI… Best Salon Trifecta!

July 29th, 2010

We are so proud to announce that New Leaf won TWO awards at the Rhode Island Monthly’s Best of RI party Wednesday night….

-Readers’ Poll Best Salon East Bay (THREE years and counting…Thank you faithful New-Leafers…You rock!)


-Best Salon for Brides

We were all so excited to attend the party. Here’s how it went down… Amy received a letter saying that New Leaf has won something. RI Monthly keeps everything else a big secret. Working in a salon, we are very good secret keepers. We hold the key to lots of ‘stuff’, if you know what I mean. But we still hate secrets, especially when we are on the other end of things. So we closed the salon early, dressed to impress,  and all headed in to the Providence Performing Arts Center (Rhode Islanders…PPAC:)

After some cocktails and apps, we headed in for the presentation of the magazine and for some special awards…

Stacy & Ashley…

Pam & Danielle

Allie, Michelle, Nicole & Amy G

The unveiling of the 2010 cover…

They announce a few featured winners like Frank Coletta (Best TV News Anchor), Siena (Best Restaurant and Best Italian Restaurant) and good ol’ Buddy Cianci (toupee-less & winner of Best Radio Personality, emphasis on personality).

Then they send everyone off  for some dancing, drinking and eating and hand out the magazines as we leave the theater.

Here are the girls rifling through the magazine to see what we’ve won…

Imagine Amy’s delight to see the photo and the Bridal Lounge feature on the Best Salon for Brides category. Woo Hoo!

A sneak peek until the magazine hits the shelves…

Readers’ Poll….

New Leaf’s Bridal Lounge feature…

The stage was packed…the complimentary martinis were luring everyone up on stage. The Love Machine was a New Leaf fav!

The girls…

Courtney & Nicole

Danielle & Allie

Pam and Courtney Anderson, from RI Monthly Magazine who helped with the photo shoot in the issue…

Filming for the Fox’s The Rhode Show…to see the full video of the night, click HERE

Pretty neat view from the stage…can you imagine performing in front of all these seats?!? Nerve wraking stuff!

Courtney, New Leaf’s Bridal Coordinator & Amy, the proud owner and the brain behind the business;-)

The girls…from left: Michelle, Jennifer, Stacy, Courtney, Amy Silva, Nicole, Amy Gonyea, Ashley, Nikki, Jamie, Jenn, Allie

A few were missing (tear drop sound effect)…Melanie, Stephanie, Mary, Yadira and Cynthia were at the party in spirit. Danielle and Pam were present, but we think were hiding in the martini line;)

A BIG HUGE THANKS to our amazing clients for their loyalty, their support and  for just being the best clientele a salon could ask for. We always say it so special to win the Readers’ Poll category (it’s the 4th year:) because it means the ‘people have spoken’ and we love that. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We literally could not do it without you.

Now for the sappy part …A big thanks to Amy Silva, our fabulous owner and truly, the brains behind the business. We love working for you, you provide us with a fantastic clientele, a great space, a fun environment, and you are always keeping things fresh. It’s a great thing to walk into work feeling so proud. We know it’s not easy but you take it all in stride and we thank you because you can’t ever hear that you are appreciated enough. If she were blogging right now, she’d  be thanking us but we have the keyboard now:o)

If you’ve been to New Leaf recently, you know of all the exciting visual changes/renovations that are taking place…New Leaf is turning over a New Leaf so stop in anytime to say hello!

Rhode Island Monthly Magazine’s 2010 “Best of RI’” coming to newstands soon…Check it out to see even more East Bay favorite spots!